Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tears

No "Tears" No Gain

//Recently went to this stage performance and they were a part that they were dancing to the 80s famous song “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics or a remix of it. (I forgot!)

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody’s looking for something.1

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.

-Lyrics from

Then just thought of “sweet dreams are made of tears” (I am sure I am not the only one hearing it like that), which makes a lot of sense actually if you think about it.

You got to work hard and smart to actually achieve your dreams, especially the sweetest one. 

Sometimes you even have to sacrifice in order to get, some tears, some pain, some struggle to gain something so sweet and dreamy. 


Could you relate to “sweet dreams are made of tears”?


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