SBTRKT : Wonder Where We Land [Album Artwork]

SBTRKT's Wonder Where We Land Album

SBTRKT is a musical project by Aaron Jerome, who is a music producer from England.

(the letters from the name are actually from the word : subtract, and it is apparently pronounced that way too)

wonder where we land album

SBTRKT is actually known for his way of presenting anonymity and letting music/art speak for themselves.

As of that, he usually wears the african-like mask that covers most of his face, part of his symbolic branding.

The graphic designer/art director that collaborates ‘secretly’ with SBTRKT is A Hidden Place. Not much information about him, sometimes I wonder if they are even the same person. (Hmmmm…)

The album main focus would be the mystical animal in the center, which is actually the main character for one of his popular track below:

sbtrkt - whereweland character

Unfortunatly, there isn’t much artwork from both this album and the designer, but it has been one of the most interesting albums I’ve liked.

Besides loving the songs with his collaboration with Sampha, I also recommend the songs with Jessie Ware, which are simply amazing.

Anyone a fan yet?

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