Say Goodbye to Feeling Overwhelmed

Each human typically have [365 days | 52 weeks | 12 months] in 1 year and each day we have [24 hours| 1440 minutes| 86400 seconds.] Doesn’t that frighten you? It surely does to me.

//Recently I have been so anxious and overwhelmed over my time, which accumulates the weight on my shoulder and the stress in my head. 
We all know time is a precious limited resource that is so much more valuable than money. Either way, we  spend it on junk food, tv, entertainment and other shit, and it’s totally okay and necessary from time to time. 
What is creepy is that you have no idea where you spend some of your time. What is even worse is when you look back in regret of spending your time on things that are not meaningful at all.
To put it into a positive tone, maybe once you regret is not meaningful, refer is as a failure and a lesson that you will now do it again. BUT! Sometimes they are evil habits that haunts you down again. (Hate it when that happens.)
Anyhow, this overwhelmed and anxious feeling has me feeling less productive. It suck a lot of my time just feeling this way by spending my time with mindless tasks. As I mentioned before, its even some things that I personally find it meaningless and stupid. 
“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money.
It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”
Steve Jobs
HOWEVER! I have found the right recipe for the potion to cure it! (by the way, I still feel overwhelmed and sucky, but its so much better though)
The potion is actually from Three Practices for the Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious from zen habits. 

To summarize the 3 Practices

  • Practice the training with uncertainty.

Try to be comfortable of the unknown and be excited for it.

  • Practice of letting go

Let go of what you are thinking, your mood, and just breathe! (Meditation time!)

  • Practice of doing just one activity

Two words: Minimalism & Focus

3 more habits or ‘practices’ I want to include to help with the negative emotions:

  • Practice of Priority

Prioritize your tasks, start doing the top threes of your days

  • Practice of Journaling

Track your time each day. (I am still a novice with this, I’ll share more when I am more experienced)

  • Practice of Meditation
This enhances the inner you to let go and actually take a break!

Here is a very chill song just for you!

Any other ideas for habits or practices to say goodbye in feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed? 😉

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  1. Very motivational. I can relate, I constantly feel my time is being wasted on being unproductive, its like quicksand, it just sucks you in. Will give that potion a try! Love the positive vibe! Keep it coming! #thundercat

    1. Thank you for reading! Such a great metaphor about the quicksand! I am still trying the potion myself, hope it works out for you, Xavi!

  2. I agree its such an uplifting post! Ha! I think I should put this to a test as well. I do the opposite of the potion, can say i have a poison? to keep that metaphor train going! shall test it out! Gj alex cheerios

    1. Thanks Cleo! Hahahaha, so great with playing the words potion and poison! Hope the “potion” works out for you!! 😉

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