Perfection is Overrated.

Perfection is not real.

//Well….let me tell you. 
Perfection is a fantasy word. It just an illusion. Simply a myth
It has been used obsessively, especially in this generation that is bombarded with distractions of social media, fashion, celebrities, advertisement and so on.
They use it as tricks for you to buy things, consume things and make you believe that perfection is real! (Gasp)
I am not saying it is not necessary. Humans in a way love it! Is like an addiction sometimes, but we have to be self aware and not get it to our mental health. Let them be and remember to be true to yourself. 
This goes same to your creation, your creative work, your art. It can be never be perfect and it will never be!
I do believe in better though.
“Done is better than perfect.” 
-Scott Allen
So create that thing and ship it. Make it better each time and ship it. Nothing is perfect and ship it!
Just remember, perfection is overated. 

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Next Actions!

  • Create something meaningful for yourself and just ship it. (post it, print it, anything!)
  • That thing that you have been procrastinating, just do it and polish it day by day eventually.
  • Tell yourself “Nothing is perfect and it will never be” and start feeling confident chispas!

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