Nobody’s Better Than You

You do know that nobody's better than you, right?

//Don’t you ever see someone and then wonder how do they really do it? How they can glow at each scenario like the main character in a movie. How beautiful or handsome they are. How smart and successful they are. How amazing they are with people and networking.

Well, I wonder a lot, but I sometimes also do wonder why I feel that way.

Lately, my confidence has been low, lower than the past few months for sure. I also do wonder what happened. (I know, I wonder a lot, makes me feel like my life is wasted on wondering, which is true in a way!).

One of the main things mixed with all these thinking is something called: Jealousy.

I get jealous. You get jealous. Everyone gets jealous and all these jealousies bring down the main thing that destroys us in our daily life. Our Self-Esteem.

Apparently, self-esteem and self-confidence are not the same things.

Self-confidence is something actionable and you are able to do. The trust that you have on yourself to manage to do something. While self-esteem is how you value yourself and is the most crucial part of our lives.

(More on defining self-confidence and self-esteem at this link.)

So what's our recipe for our self-developing potion?

  1. You could try using your self-confidence and slowly influence your self-esteem! (Passive)
  2. Upgrade your outlook from clothes and grooming! (Time to feel sexy!)
  3. Kill negativity in your life (Easy to say, hard to do!)
  4. Smile for 1-3 minutes, even faking the smile can kill some negativity! (Try the 3 minute challenge!)
  5. Being grateful, a very strong superpower that I believe people should train more (I am still practicing that every day!)
  6. Exercise, even the lightest workout will be better than nada
  7. Train your “uncomfortable tolerance” (challenging yourself and go forward!)
  8. How about reminding yourself that “NOBODY’S BETTER THAN YOU” (screaming if necessary!)

Of course, there is so much more that can be done!

Further reading:

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Nobody’s Better than You

Remember: You’re just as good as everyone else.


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