You Will Never Feel Like It.

"I want to do (insert action), but I really don't feel like it today..." - Me

//If you are like me, who has been saying the above sentence a lot of times and just postponing my lists of want-to-dos, then we are just finding empty excuses that cover our laziness. 

I mean…sure, I believe is totally alright to listen to your feelings from time to time, since you are just…you. For example: taking a rest day to recover after a workout, eat some evil stuff (this is what I call desserts, sweets, or just simple treats that are bad for you but so damn delicious!) ‘

But! I am sure there are moments when you know it yourself that it is possible to squeeze time (and energy) to do some of the things you are always wanting to do. (I am guilty of this too!)

Today I stumble upon this great podcast episode from “The School of Greatness” hosted by Lewis Howes with Mel Robbins. (I hardly listen to the podcast, but this one has really inspired me.) 

There is a lot of motivational material in this podcast, but one quote that really made me focus was:

“Confidence is the willing to try.”

Mel Robbins

Seeing ‘confidence’ not as a talent, but as a skill that could be trained and mastered.

This reminded me of a TED talk by Mel Robbins.

This is one of the most inspirational and amazingly fun talks I have seen. It’s a 20 minute talk, but trust me, it’s worth it!

(Spoiler Alert!) Some keypoints of this talk would be:

  • Kill the word “Fine” and be truthful of how you feel. 
  • “You are never going to feel like it”
  • One to four hundred trillion. You are damn special!
  • You are what your act, so force yourself out of the comfort zone and do it!
  • 5-Second Rule: “If you don’t marry your idea in 5-second, you will pull the emergency break and just kill the idea.” – So when an impulse comes count back from 5 to 1 and act on it!

After listening to the podcast and watching the TED talk, got me fired up and inspired.

Time to take action!

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