Making Hard Choices

Easy choice or hard choice?

// Every day in our lives we need to do choices and these choices are not avoidable. They are the moving power to keep our lives forward and the companion of time.
Choices in our life can be easy and hard, but they are both correlative and influential to one another, like the butterfly effect.  
It is one of the reasons or let me put it in a more honest and dramatic way, the fear of us making a decision.
It could be easy as “What should we eat for dinner?” to “Should I take this career job over the other?” To relationship questions of “Should, I keep dating this person or stop?”
Making a choice actually makes us stressful, especially the hard ones. But today it made me realize differently. Thanks to this TED talk from Ruth Chang:
(I had to reread it a few times to actually get the meaning, it is pretty deep!)
“Far from being sources of agony and dread,
hard choices are precious opportunities for us
to celebrate what is special about the human condition,
that the reasons that govern our choices
as correct or incorrect sometimes run out,
and it is here, in the space of hard choices,
that we have the power to create reasons for ourselves
to become the distinctive people that we are.
And that’s why hard choices are not a curse but a godsend.”
– Ruth Chang  from “How to make hard choices” 
 For those who want to make 15 minutes worth, you should actually listen to the talk, really worth it!
(For readers who actually want like a summary, I found this link, but I honestly recommend spending less than 15 minutes watching the video!)


As for where I found the Jerzy Gregorek quote (the graphic poster quote), it actually from Tim Ferriss about fear-setting exercise.

It is an interesting exercise that I am still trying it out, it does help making hard choices and much more in-depth compared with the usual cons and pros decision list.

Choices are inevitable and the only person that is under control is you, but try to aim for hard choices, they always make you life easier and better! 

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