Flume: Skin & Skin Companion EPs [Album Artwork]

Flume - Skin (2016)

//I have always been a big fan of album artwork covers, especially when the music is just as great as the artwork.

One of my all time favorites album covers that really impressed me would be Skin album by Flume (released by Future Classic).
Flume Skin Album Artwork
Album artwork - Flume “Skin"

The creator behind the covers is Jonathan Zawada. Here are some of the other pieces of artwork that Jonathan worked with Flume. (You should also check out his other works, they are as well amazing.

In the “Skin” album, there are some instrumental songs, or songs with not much lyrics, which are perfect for working effectively, if you are like that enjoys instrumental beats to keep you hyped up on your productivity!

Some other single album artwork from Flume:

Single artwork - Flume ft. Kai "Never Be Like You” (2016)
Single artwork - Flume ft. Vince Staples, Kučka“Smoke & Retribution” (2016)
Single artwork - Flume ft. Tove Lo “Say It” (2016)
EP artwork - Flume “Skin Companion EP I” (2016)
EP artwork - Flume “Skin Companion EP II” (2016)

Don’t you love the colors? But wait, there are new Extended Plays after there Skin album and the artwork is just as phenomenal! (Also created by Jonathan Zawada!)

Keep it coming, Flume!

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