Don’t Trust Your Future Self!

How many times have you used the word 'tomorrow' as an excuse?

//I do it a lot of times! My next favorite excuse word would be “later”.

“I will finish my doing (insert task) later.”

(and when ‘later’ comes…)

“You know what, maybe I will just do it tomorrow. :)”

The truth is: I trust my future self  waaaaaaaaaaay too much. More that I can realize! 

I visualize my future self to be more hard working, independent, self-disciplined, calm, smarter, better, even sexier…. and so on, but the truth is actually that my future self is unreliable, lazy, easily distracted and is probably feeling as unmotivated as the current you. What’s even worse is the future you, even trusts the ‘future future you’, which goes on and on.

So apparently I have found a solution! well kinda…why not give it a shot! 

The link to the video!

Mainly, I got this reminder from Lifehacker post and they also relink to another post by SimpleDollar blog.

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”

-Dan Gilbert

Even though not directly connected to this topic, I found this interesting TED talk by Dan Gilbert (6 mins) that focuses on future self, time and change. 

So let’s get out priorities kicked up! 

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