Do What You Can’t

Ever heard someone say “You can’t to this, you can’t do that”? 

//Well, guess what? That’s bullshit. 
Casey Neista has full proof and a grand dose of motivation below: 
The video really motivated me in various ways, I really hope it inspired you guys too. 
As a reminder to myself again:
Let me them say what they want, and don’t even tell yourself you can’t do it, because in reality…

You can do it. 

It might end up crappy. Not as you imagined (like my feature poster on top). It might fail. It might look silly. It might be awful. It might be one of those pictures you wish you never taken/created before (we all have those kind of pictures around the internet nowadays.)
But!! Look at the other side of the coin. It might be successful. It might look awesome for other people. It might even be a great accomplishment that you will give yourself a pat later in the years. 
Either way, you have done something, it’s better than not doing anything at all.
Don’t let other people tell you can’t do and do what you can’t!

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