Chet Faker: Built on Glass [Album Artwork]

Chet Faker - Built on Glass (2014)

//One of my favorite albums would be Built on Glass by Chet Faker, who is now known as Nick Murphy.

Future Classic released this album in 2014 as the debut album of Chet Faker.



The Melbourne-based Tin&Ed (Tin Nguyen and Ed Cutting) are the designers of this album.

They are one of the amazing creative duo that I follow. Most of their work are experimental, playful and fun.

You can feel the entertaining and fun energy they have, which obviously shows up in their work. 

“Practice makes imperfect”

About us page in Tin&Ed.

Even though in this album artwork, it’s not as bright and colorful as some of their other works, but it really captures the essense and texture of the album ‘Built on Glass’.

As Tin&Ed describes it,

“Through a series of still lifes, the artwork talks about the impermanence of objects, memories and relationships. 

We’ve used objects that are millions of years old and others that are man made and very new to create an expanded sense of time and history.

The series also explores a number of themes from the album, one of which is strength and fragility and how these two things can co-exist.”

Single artwork - Chet Faker “Gold” (2014)

Above are just some of the other album artwork collection, for more info about this album from Tin&Ed can be found here.

As a bonus, here is another favorite tracks of mine from the album, but featuring BANKS in this one. Enjoy!

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