It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Luck!

Change your luck. Pronto!

“…Fallen people, listen up!

It’s never too late to change your luck

So don’t let them steal your light..”

Lyrics from [Revolution by Diplo]


//Not one of the best songs out there, but the lyrics are those ‘kick-ass’ motivating ones, which its a great push from time to time. 

(I particularly like the Unlike Pluto Remix)

Although luck can play a role in our lives, So true about this verse is how you have the control of your luck, because sometimes people think that their luck 

Often at times, we will need some luck in our lives since we can’t fully control our future. People usually might think luck is some sort of random shit that just happens once in a while, but what if there was a chance to increase that luck by your attitude and your actions. If you look back and think about some of your ‘luckiness’ and ‘unluckiness’, there could be a series of events or actions that might have lead to it.

This actually got me thinking of this article that I have read in the 99u article [How to be Lucky] by Christian Jarrett

Some of the ways mentioned in this article that could increase your chance of luck are:

  • Being open to uncertainty and encounters! (I am trying that…)
  • Accepting unexpected invitations (Sometimes I bite my teeth and go to awkward social events)
  • Experimenting with new activities 
  • Improvising when your performing (hmmmm, okay this is hard)
  • Allowing room in your schedule for spontaneity 

In brief, I personally think mentality and attitude plays a big role!

So as the verse says, it is never too late to change your luck, I bet is time to change now with little steps!


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