Five Simple Ways to Celebrate Solo

Celebration is a human need!

//There are three people in this world:
  1. People that are flying their time away doing the things they want in their own comfort zone.
  2. People to tend to be harsh and hard on themselves, even depriving on human basic needs like eat and sleep.
  3. People who work smart and tend to celebrate life at the same time, keeping their life balance in check!
Which type of person are you? Which one do you want to be?
//This post is mainly for the second people in this world, the one that is not really that nice to themselves or even forgets to be nice. (right?)
If you look back in history, humans have been celebrating for years or should I say generations! That’s why there is this holiday and that holiday. (Even though we sometimes forget what that holiday is all about)
Humans need to celebrate. They need to celebrate in order to keep going, to keep their habits up, to keep their moods up, to actually live and mark special moments in your life.
You don’t need a ‘somebody’ to actual celebrate (even though is great to have company).
The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.
-Oprah Winfrey
Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate solo!

Savor your favorites

  • Your favorite snacks that you have keeping it away from your diet (where’s the ice cream?)
  • Your favorite drink, simple as a bottle of wine
  • Plus savoring it with your favorite songs or other sources of entertainment (Mini game apps!)

Treat yourself an experience 

  • Short away vacation (remember it doesn’t need to expensive)
  • Massage or Spa (Has anyone tried the sensory deprivation tank?)
  • Any shows coming to your city? (Months before I watched Sleep No More in Shanghai. It’s fantastic and you pretty much experience it 3 hrs by yourself.)

Explore & relax

  • Hiking trails (I just did a casual one in Taipei!) 
FYI, sky is actually not pink and I just look geeky 😛
  • Go to a park and watch cute animals, if not, plants are exciting too 😉
  • A simple walk in the city and you can discover so many things walking solo!  Here is a buzzfeed reading I read about this guy spending birthday alone in the city! 

Splurge on something in your wishlist or simply upgrade your usuals

  • Everyone has a wishlist! EVERYONE! If not, maybe you are not thinking hard enough
  • Get the good kind of coffee
  • Maybe the fancier cheese to match up with your wine? 😀 

Do something silly and crazy

  • Go experimental and create something
  • Dance (naked) to your favorite tracks
Okay! I’ll stop here.  
Seriously? I don’t think you need any more ideas how to celebrate solo, because the best person that knows how to celebrate is you.
Just remember to be nice to yourself. You are all you got!
Now let’s go and do some celebration!

Do you have any ideas to celebrate solo?

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