If they don’t see the best of you…

  ..they are probably blind. //People judge. It's the truth. We might be even be judging and not knowing that we are doing it. I don't blame people for judging, but probably less judging will make this world a less "dramatic" thing. But humans love drama, right? What can we do about our judgemental thoughts?... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tears

No "Tears" No Gain //Recently went to this stage performance and they were a part that they were dancing to the 80s famous song "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics or a remix of it. (I forgot!) Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas, Everybody's... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Better Than You

  You do know that nobody's better than you, right? //Don't you ever see someone and then wonder how do they really do it? How they can glow at each scenario like the main character in a movie. How beautiful or handsome they are. How smart and successful they are. How amazing they are with... Continue Reading →

Making Hard Choices

  Easy choice or hard choice? // Every day in our lives we need to do choices and these choices are not avoidable. They are the moving power to keep our lives forward and the companion of time. Choices in our life can be easy and hard, but they are both correlative and influential to one... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kill My Vibe

  Oh bish, please, don't kill my vibe! // Noise, interruptions, what's even worse? The sneaky distractions that are around us. They are especially annoying when you are in your flow or what they call it, "in the zone"? These distractions ninjas are everywhere. Their professional skill is to appear and distract without you even... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Stop You.

  Please don't let them! There are always going to be someone who is going to stop you from doing something that your guts tell you it is the right thing to do. It could also be something distracting that will eventually make you stop. (Think about all the time you want to be 'good'... Continue Reading →

Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

  Mistakes are not avoidable! //Some people might take this the wrong way of making better mistakes tomorrow and harm the world, but that's not the message to be intended. It's more the other way around, where it's okay that we make mistakes and fail today, we are just going to make better mistakes and... Continue Reading →

Too Bad! Everyone Else is Already Taken.

  What? Why be someone else? There are times when you swipe through your attention black holes of social media, you will start feeling that you are not living up to the people you admire (or are jealous of). Even wish that you could be that 'somebody' and probably start having shitty feelings that is... Continue Reading →

Five Simple Ways to Celebrate Solo

  Celebration is a human need! //There are three people in this world: People that are flying their time away doing the things they want in their own comfort zone. People to tend to be harsh and hard on themselves, even depriving on human basic needs like eat and sleep. People who work smart and... Continue Reading →

Perfection is Overrated.

  Perfection is not real. //Well….let me tell you.  Perfection is a fantasy word. It just an illusion. Simply a myth.  It has been used obsessively, especially in this generation that is bombarded with distractions of social media, fashion, celebrities, advertisement and so on. They use it as tricks for you to buy things, consume things and make... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to Feeling Overwhelmed

  Each human typically have [365 days | 52 weeks | 12 months] in 1 year and each day we have [24 hours| 1440 minutes| 86400 seconds.] Doesn’t that frighten you? It surely does to me. //Recently I have been so anxious and overwhelmed over my time, which accumulates the weight on my shoulder and the... Continue Reading →

You Have More Choice Than You Know

  Waking up, do your work, sleep. Maybe adding a bit of comfortable things within your everyday schedule to make life easier. //There is nothing wrong with that, but it is easy to get hopeless and frustrated from time to time with where you are and what you have. Those negative emotions are part of our human... Continue Reading →

Everyone is watching, so?

//Everyone is watching you. They are watching what you wear, what you eat, how you eat, how you walk, how you talk, how you behave…..generally speaking, your every move. So? I have always been really self-conscious about myself from the outside to the inside. Especially when I am meeting new people or simple just going out by... Continue Reading →

Do What You Can’t

Ever heard someone say “You can’t to this, you can’t do that”? //Well, guess what? That’s bullshit.  Casey Neista has full proof and a grand dose of motivation below: The video really motivated me in various ways, I really hope it inspired you guys too.  As a reminder to myself again: Let me them say what they want, and... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Luck!

  Change your luck. Pronto! "...Fallen people, listen up! It's never too late to change your luck So don't let them steal your light.." Lyrics from [Revolution by Diplo] //Not one of the best songs out there, but the lyrics are those 'kick-ass' motivating ones, which its a great push from time to time. (I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Trust Your Future Self!

  How many times have you used the word 'tomorrow' as an excuse? //I do it a lot of times! My next favorite excuse word would be "later". "I will finish my doing (insert task) later." (and when 'later' comes...) "You know what, maybe I will just do it tomorrow. :)" The truth is: I... Continue Reading →

You Will Never Feel Like It.

  "I want to do (insert action), but I really don't feel like it today..." - Me //If you are like me, who has been saying the above sentence a lot of times and just postponing my lists of want-to-dos, then we are just finding empty excuses that cover our laziness. I mean...sure, I believe... Continue Reading →

Starting Off!

So...I have always wanted to:Start waking up early like some creative geniuses. Start exercising like sexy fit Instagramers. Start creating awesome work to the world.Start giving smiles and brighten up someone's day. Start listening and remembering people's name.Start a side-project and inspire people.Start a blog and share.But wait a minute...how do you start?"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. "-... Continue Reading →

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