If they don’t see the best of you…

..they are probably blind.

//People judge. It’s the truth. We might be even be judging and not knowing that we are doing it. 

I don’t blame people for judging, but probably less judging will make this world a less “dramatic” thing. But humans love drama, right?

What can we do about our judgemental thoughts?

One solution, be aware and shut your mind from thinking.

Easy said than done right?

“We can never judge the lives of others
because each person knows only
their own pain and renunciation.” 
-Paulo Coelho

We can’t control what other people think and how they judge. Maybe from the recipients, part is to accept that and maybe give some trust?

If people take you for granted and don’t see the best of you, well,  they probably blind and to put it more dramatic and harsh, you are probably better without them. 

Let’s hope people, friends, or any connection can put their judgment aside and hope to see the best in people.

Let’s do the same and not be heartless. 

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