If they don’t see the best of you…

  ..they are probably blind. //People judge. It's the truth. We might be even be judging and not knowing that we are doing it. I don't blame people for judging, but probably less judging will make this world a less "dramatic" thing. But humans love drama, right? What can we do about our judgemental thoughts?... Continue Reading →

You’re Such A Hot Flamingo.

  Flamingo Domingo! // Summer has been scorching hot over here and flamingos are adorable. They have always been related to playful summers, beach balls and cold waters. Aren't they awesome and symbolic? So are you! đŸ˜‰ ... You're like a firebird in the sky Shining for a challenger in the night Just like a... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tears

No "Tears" No Gain //Recently went to this stage performance and they were a part that they were dancing to the 80s famous song "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics or a remix of it. (I forgot!) Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas, Everybody's... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Better Than You

  You do know that nobody's better than you, right? //Don't you ever see someone and then wonder how do they really do it? How they can glow at each scenario like the main character in a movie. How beautiful or handsome they are. How smart and successful they are. How amazing they are with... Continue Reading →

Making Hard Choices

  Easy choice or hard choice? // Every day in our lives we need to do choices and these choices are not avoidable. They are the moving power to keep our lives forward and the companion of time. Choices in our life can be easy and hard, but they are both correlative and influential to one... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kill My Vibe

  Oh bish, please, don't kill my vibe! // Noise, interruptions, what's even worse? The sneaky distractions that are around us. They are especially annoying when you are in your flow or what they call it, "in the zone"? These distractions ninjas are everywhere. Their professional skill is to appear and distract without you even... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Stop You.

  Please don't let them! There are always going to be someone who is going to stop you from doing something that your guts tell you it is the right thing to do. It could also be something distracting that will eventually make you stop. (Think about all the time you want to be 'good'... Continue Reading →

SBTRKT : Wonder Where We Land [Album Artwork]

  SBTRKT's Wonder Where We Land Album SBTRKT is a musical project by Aaron Jerome, who is a music producer from England. (the letters from the name are actually from the word : subtract, and it is apparently pronounced that way too) SBTRKT is actually known for his way of presenting anonymity and letting music/art speak... Continue Reading →

Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

  Mistakes are not avoidable! //Some people might take this the wrong way of making better mistakes tomorrow and harm the world, but that's not the message to be intended. It's more the other way around, where it's okay that we make mistakes and fail today, we are just going to make better mistakes and... Continue Reading →

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